I'm 21 years old.

I am an older brother to one younger brother. My father is addicted to Facebook. My mother is a lesbian. My house is a gallery where people buy Asian art and European furniture.
I am as standard as my family.

Born in England > Lived in Japan > Moved to Israel.
Somewhere along the way I fell in love with design.

I am outgoing and friendly with a passion for learning. I'm also a perfectionist and quite short.

To: Office of Admission, Parsons, New School of Design.
Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Joel Califa and I am an applicant for direct entry to the Design and Technology
program. I’m writing this letter knowing that you have the power to make my dreams come true.

I designed my first website when I was 13, using awful table coding and the worst graphical trends imaginable. In the years since, my interest in web design and development has blossomed from a hobby into the only thing I can imagine myself doing.

I love the internet and though it may sound cliché I would like to become the best web designer I can possibly be; to contribute to the world through my design and to create memorable designs that stir something within people.

After searching near and far for the best schools that can help me get there, I am certain that Parsons is the one I want to attend. It teaches the web as I believe it should be taught, values programming and development as much as it does design.

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Despite the way my website must come across, and I greatly hope you like it, I do not believe I am nearly as good as I can be. I’m playing it by ear (or eye, if you prefer). I want to unlearn what I know now and relearn design the right way. I am eager to learn anything you are willing to teach me.

You may notice that my high school diploma was less than stellar. This isn’t because I lacked the smarts or the ability to study. As a teenager, unfortunately, my mind was occupied with other things. Put bluntly, school simply wasn’t as important to me then as it is now.

High school, to me, feels like a lifetime ago. There are nearly 4 years separating the person I was then from the person I am now. I have served in the Israeli Defense Forces where I completed over 6 months of basic and advanced fighter training, and 18 months more in the infantry and field intelligence corps.

After my army service, I accumulated over a year of work experience in the high-tech industry in Israel. It was only due to the prospect of attending Parsons that I gave up a career in that particular company. During that time I completed a 6 month design preparatory program. I know what I want to do with my life. If I attend Parsons, you can expect to see only the highest marks from me.

In short, I’m in love with web design, I’m in love with web development and I’m in love with Parsons. I’m willing to put my heart and soul into every single project you have me do, no matter how small or how large. I’m not looking for an easy ride. I know it’s going to be the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced and I’m up for the task.

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Please help me make my dreams come true.
Yours truly,
Joel Califa

Curriculum Vitae de Joel Califa who does not hablo Latin

full name: Joel Califa
birthdate: 07/18/1988 (which would make me 21)
citizenship: British, Israeli


2008-2008 6B Studio Design Preparatory course
2003-2006 Rothberg Highschool (in Computer Science)


XHTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Photoshop

professional experience

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